Course Maps

tite line

The finish line is the same for each event: Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, and 5K.


The start is on Crestview Rd. at the top of the Buckskin Saddle. The USA T&F Certificate: ID08002DCR. Click for a map of the certified course. Times on this course can be used as qualifying times for Boston and New York Marathons.


The elevation drop over the entire course is approximately 1,550 feet. The first half drops approximately 1,400 feet, and then the second half only drops about 150 feet. Don't go out too fast during the first half of the course, your quadriceps will be very unhappy and they will let you know it late in the race. Pace yourself during the first half and make sure to do some downhill training if possible.


Half Marathon - 10K - 5K

The half marathon start is at the corner of Inkom Road and Green Canyon Road. It is the second half of the marathon course. It has two medium hills but drops about 150 feet in elevation from start to finish.


The 10K start is on Old Highway 91 in the Gap at a pull-out for a Historical Marker. It is also mile 20 of the marathon. The course has one medium up-hill near the start but overall drops about 50 feet in elevation.


The 5k start is at the Bannock County Jail. This course drops about 100 feet with very subtle rolling hills.


Click for a map showing the approximate start locations.




Mile 6 of Pocatello Marathon